I really believe that no matter what your talents are, no matter what your skillset is, your academic abilities, your interest in faith life, how shy or outgoing you are, there is a place for you at St. James Academy!

By An Anonymous Parent

Dear Future St. James Families,

Growing up in Western Kansas, I never thought the day would come that I would be helping my kids select a high school to attend. We never had the opportunity to pick and choose the school of our choice in our small rural town. How fortunate are we today with so many options, but that also bears the burden of making that big decision. It is not just a 4-year commitment, but a commitment that will make a lasting impact on your child and you, forever. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions. I soon found out that there are so many things to consider when selecting a high school: Graduation rate, ACT scores, College Readiness, College placement rate, location, teacher to student class ratio, diversification, foreign language program, faith life, student life, class advancement opportunities, band programs, athletic programs, extracurricular activities, etc. I did tell my kids that we, as a family, need to select a high school that fits all three kid’s very different personalities, because I didn’t want to drive all over town to three different high schools.

Months later, and armed with the stats, shadow days, open houses, community events, tours, and a lot of one-on-one conversations from other parents who have experienced the high school life with their children, we made the decision to attend St. James Academy!

The first three days of high school were filled with lots of activities. St. James Academy sure does know how to make you feel welcome and “at home.” The kids quickly settled in and by the third car ride home, said, “We are so glad we are going to St. James!” Wow, what a relief that was for us parents! Because when it comes down to it, we ultimately want our kids to be happy and when all of the other stars align up with that element at the same time, what can I say, but, AMEN!

As the days and weeks wore on, I wondered if the newness would wear off but periodically, I would hear the chime in the back seat, “I am so glad I am going to St. James!” Along with stories of the new kids they are meeting, going to mass in the mornings with their friends, the tasty lunches, I also was told by one of the kids that within one week of school, a teacher thought he should be moved to a higher-level class. He was not sure if he was ready for the challenge until the teachers gave him the option to try out the higher-level class for two weeks. I was so impressed that the teachers recognized the student’s level of competence within such a short time and acted on it immediately. He is in a class now that is a perfect fit for him. The teachers are on top of their business in making sure the students are placed in the most challenging and academically appropriate classes to suit their level of learning. That is great to know as a parent because no matter what level your student is at, there is a place for them at St. James.

My kids are not all involved with sports and we are not always excited about going to their siblings’ games. However, once they got involved with the band program, and met the amazing staff and students, now, they can’t wait to go to the next St. James football game. I never thought I would hear that from them!

Our journey at St. James is short-lived at this point but we are certainly off to a great start! I really believe that no matter what your talents are, no matter what your skillset is, your academic abilities, your interest in faith life, how shy or outgoing you are, there is a place for you at St. James Academy! If you are ready to sore with the eagles or hang back in the crowd, it is totally up to you! You have the options at St. James. It is up to you, to explore those options and find out if you are made for more!

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