Contact the Admissions Office regarding availability and the process for transferring schools during the current school year as a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior. Each transfer will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

The following steps are in place to ensure a fair assessment for all candidates.

1. Please complete this survey.

2. Forward a transcript from the current school’s registrar, as well as attendance records, to the Admissions Office.

3. Upon completion of steps one and two, the candidate and at least one parent will be taking part in an “interview for transfer” conducted by representatives of the St. James Academy Administrative Team and a counseling team representative.

4. If approved for further consideration, the next step may include a shadow visit (if the student has not already been a shadow guest in the past) on recommended dates provided by the Admissions Office.

5. Upon admission, a behavior and expectations contract is required for transfer students, administered through the Dean of Student’s Office.

Contact the Director of Admissions, Amber Hellwig, at for more information.